As one of the pioneers to offer beauty and wellness programs in schools, we have established the reputation as the leading and coveted training provider that meets industry standards.
Through our comprehensive training programs, we aspire to integrate creativity, arts and culture in our beauty therapy and hairstyling courses.

image stylist by renaissance learning under renaissance group

Image Stylist

This course introduces students to salon management to equip students with a holistic understanding of the hair services industry. Students will be exposed to basic hair care skills comprising shampooing, conditioning, rinsing and hair blow-drying. Beyond these basic hair care fundamentals, students will also be acquainted with the knowledge and skills of hairstyling; rebonding, perming, colouring etc. They will also be able to associate different facial shapes and features in accordance to different hair styles. Students will be imparted with the relevant skills set to accurately select from a variety of tools and equipment available to effectively execute a variety of hairstyles.

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Beauty Therapy

This course introduces students to the beauty services industry with primary focus in facial therapy, tension release massage and classic manicure. This course stems from an understanding of the importance of personal hygiene and grooming for healthy living and professional image appearance. Students are equipped with the knowledge to perform skin analysis and select the right skincare product in accordance to individual skin types and needs. Students will also be imparted with the skills set from selection of relevant cosmetic products to proper application and execution of techniques associated with creating different makeup looks for a variety of occasions. This course will equip students with the fundamental knowledge, requirements and skills of a beauty therapist. This course builds on the associated elements of the beauty services industry and seeks to increase self-confidence and self-esteem for individuals.