4Ps, Marketing Mix, Porter’s five forces, blue ocean marketing strategy.
Get equipped with the most adequate tools to be the next Steve Jobs.

business entrepreneurship by renaissance learning under renaissance group

Business Entrepreneurship

The program seeks to provide students with the fundamentals of basic knowledge of retailing both traditional brick and mortar and the virtual world (E-Retailing).
Students will be trained as Management Trainees in this module for the retail industry. They will be introduced to all aspects of a retail store operation and will gain necessary knowledge in the theoretical aspects of retailing as well as practical opportunities for real-life experiences through various role plays and a small retail business set-up.
Students will also be introduced to the basic knowledge of E-Retailing and with both the “Bricks and Clicks” knowledge on hand, they will be able to setup their first Retail Business. They will also possess financial management knowledge of the Retail world.

business entrepreneurship by renaissance learning under renaissance group

Floristry & Event Management

This training program prepares student for the growing industry of events in the current society. As the industry develops, it creates many opportunities for students with the relevance skills and passion to take up the role of managing the event. This course will focus on building an understanding of creating and delivering various types of events. Students will undergo training in both theory and practical forms. Students will also be expose to many components of events, ranging from creating running sheets to designing and handling the events.