Develop your creativity through the key Design Thinking Process which all our design courses focus on. The design courses engage in ideation and critical thinking process driven by “live” project briefs.
Since the design industry emphasizes on project-based, learning student’s journey and experience will reflect the nature of that, stimulating their problem solving and time management skills.

fashion design by renaissance learning under renaissance group

Fashion Design

This training program seeks to spur passion in the field of fashion. Most importantly, the course exposes students to the realization that in the Fashion industry it is not all about glamour.

This program will be conducted in a specially designed studio-based learning environment. The basis of the training program will place emphasis on the design thinking process from ideation to conceptualization to illustration and finally presentation. Students get to learn how to actualize their thought that will materialize into a work of their creation. As said by Karl Lagerfeld, collection is not just one basic idea. It comes from something that is in the air, something you suddenly like and put down on paper and then work out.

With sufficient knowledge and proper guidance, the skills set of the students will be hone such that passion and thought process of ideological thinking and conceptualization can be aligned so that the students will be able to attain a work of creation. This course will also serve as a essential platform to allow students to express themselves through clothing design and illustration. Students are required to put their knowledge to the test through the delivery of a final presentation showcase. Students will have the opportunity to display their works in a gallery. Upon completion of the course, students will be proficient in specialize technical skills and design thinking concepts; a preliminary exposure to the educational journey in a tertiary environment; an ever changing integrated design environment.

graphic design by renaissance learning under renaissance group

Graphic Design

This training program prepares student to be a thinker, an artist and a graphic designer of tomorrow. Students will acquire skills to present their idea visually and also to create design solutions for the clients. Throughout this course, they will develop a strong sense of graphical skillset with the ability to conceptualize and express their ideas most creatively.

Students will be expose to the di­fferent components of graphical design and interdisciplinary assignments that would spark their creativity and passion for graphic design. Students will emerge from this course with a wide palette of technical skills and creative thinking to handle real life situation. Both the fun and serious elements of graphic design will be introduced in the course. Not only will the importance of branding, company image and cooperate identity be imparted to students, the fun and creative typography art expression will also be explored.

The course will cover the basic fundamentals of graphic design so as to lay a strong foundation for students to continue in graphic design in both manual and digital way upon completion. The skills acquired in this course will allow students to be ready for any endless possibilities in the art or design industry.

interior design by renaissance learning under renaissance group

Interior Design

This training program empowers students with the ability to transform spaces in our daily life, offices, shopping centers, homes, community space, etc. Students get to be familiarized with interior spaces, colors, materials, shapes and form through learning the essentials and elements of both a functional and aesthetically beautiful space. Students will be exposed to different material finishing and color palette, acquire the skills and eyes for detailing. They will be able to explore the how diff­erent texture would aff­ect the quality of space.

With the given knowledge of space, students will then further exploit the principles of design using their imagination. They will be able to build their own desired 3m by 3m home space, with the limitation of space, students are challenge to be as functional and as creative as possible. Visual presentation will be imparted to execute their ideas in the most e­ffective way, enhance each individual to be more confident and passionate about their own work. Outlook below cardingforum are up to the device most effective currently. Upon completion, students would possess a substantial amount of foundation for them to continue in the interior industry and also the ability to combine color, materials and texture through mixed media.

photography by renaissance learning under renaissance group


The digital photography training programme explores technical production skills and post production skills. Students will be able to differentiate between digital cameras and be well acquainted with the advantages and disadvantages. Students will be proficient in the maintenance and proper handling techniques of a camera. Students will be able to manipulate the variety of lenses available coupled with technical skills of calibrating shutter speed and the accurate selection of camera angles alongside common design principles such as photo composition to produce photos of distinctive quality.

Students will have many hands on experience in developing their technical production skills to produce artistic pictures. Post production skills such as the accurate, distinct and precise usage of graphic editing software will be given emphasis as well. The aim of the digital Photography course seeks to educate and elevate the technical skills in photography of the students such that they will be able to think, conceptualize and execute commercial quality pictures akin to professional photographers.