In the new age of technology, the role and impact of media creates a multiplicity of opportunities for the communications industry. Exposed to the professional equipments of producing a movie clip, advertisement, music recording, animation, Video-game and etc. Students will be empowered with the essence of the courses and understand these thriving industries and the
pre-requisite of entering it in the 21st century.

film production by renaissance learning under renaissance group

Film Production

The program seeks to provide student basic digital video shooting knowledge & technique. Explain and demonstrate a video production being planned, shoot and edit and convert to DVD/VCD as a final media. Student will also learn how to handle a video camcorder properly when shooting. Using today’s personal computer to do basic post-production (i.e. Editing) and finally convert them to DVD. Students will work on team project to do a music video at the end of the course.

graphic design by renaissance learning under renaissance group

Flash Animation

  • Gain Insight and knowledge on the development of animation.
  • Create a significant work of animation using a variety of animation techniques.
  • Understand and apply the principles of animation on their work.
  • Use computer graphics applications in a competent manner.
  • Show awareness of the range of hardware and software available for creating digital animation.
paper cut animation by renaissance learning under renaissance group

Paper-Cut Animation

This course aims to introduce students to the development of animation. Cover on the history, types and principles of animation. Upon finishing the programme, students are able to create a significant work of papercut animation (e.g. South Park) displaying a variety of techniques. An accompanying test will equip and furbish students with the knowledge of theoretical, artistic and technical issues raised by animation in general.

video game production by renaissance learning under renaissance group

Video Game Development

This course aims to introduce learners to the fundamentals of video game development. The course will acquaint the knowledge of game concepts, video game development and basic programming skills to the students. Upon completion of the course, they will produce a playable video game demo which will help them to foray into this new and emerging industry.