This intangible unique industry is where you find all the unsung heroes. From Culinary to Hospitality (F&B) and Airline services to Nursing and Healthcare. Every individual course will equip the participants with the finesse in their respective fields to bridge the gap from school to industrial standards.

airline services by renaissance learning under renaissance group

Airline Services

The Airline Services training programme seeks to introduce to students the fundamentals of the Airline industry comprising the rules and regulations that govern the industry. This programme develops on the theoretical knowledge of reservation handling to sales tools; OAG and ET time tables to the application of IATA standards of passenger and baggage handling functions. Students will also explore the roles, responsibilities and functions of travel agencies in managing its crucial relationship with the airline industry. The importance of professional customer service, in terms of attitude and communication towards internal employees and passengers are also dealt with. Customer buying behavioural patterns and needs are also analysed in accordance with salesmanship skills and follow up aftercare customer service. This course seeks to present a holistic approach of the Airline industry using a service process model; measuring service quality in air transportation.

The importance of customer services and its implications, the quality of service executed and new customer service developments are explored in great details.

nursing services by renaissance learning under renaissance group

Nursing & Healthcare

This course aims to introduce students to basic nursing knowledge which they may choose to pursue as a course of study upon graduation from school. The module will allow inclined students to discover their potential in other disciplines which require more practical applications. The learning curriculum provide students with a holistic educational experience beyond their classrooms which inculcate positive thinking and fighting spirit in the students so that they will be better equipped to handle pressure and solve problems when faced with life’s challenges.

Our training will motivate the students to push themselves to strive for betterment and achieve their targets, enhancing student’s personal development in leadership and independence. At the end of the course, we will achieve to inspire the students to be part of this growing industry with the passion and drive of the facilitators.

the art of culinary by renaissance learning under renaissance group

The Art of Culinary

This training programme develops on the concepts of the modern food service industry and allows students to be equipped with the knowledge of classical and modern cuisine. Students are exposed to the brigade de cuisine system introduced by Georges Auguste Escoffier (1846-1935) and understand the practical organisation of the modern kitchen operation.

In realising these cuisines, students will be introduced to kitchen tools and equipment and imparted with theories surrounding the fundamentals of the modern kitchen organisation and kitchen sanitation and safety based on National Environmental Agency (NEA). The aim of the culinary programme will be to hone the student’s skills set of their techniques from dry heat cooking methods to baking, garnishing up to plating. Upon course completion, students will have mastered basic cooking principles and skills which they would be able to apply to a wide range of cooking styles

the flair of hospitality by renaissance learning under renaissance group

The Flair of Hospitality

The aim of The Flair of Hospitality Elective module is to provide students with an understanding of the operational aspects of the different departments of a hotel establishment.

Students will be trained in all aspects of the various positions requirements to meeting customers’ needs that is aligned with WSQ standards.

Students will gain an understanding of food & beverage services found in the various restaurant concepts and they also will have adequate knowledge to embark in the world of hospitality.

This module covers the theory and practical situations of rooms division, front office, reservations, uniform services, concierge, housekeeping, laundry, food and beverage operations, customer service and promoting tourist attractions to reflect the nature of the commercial work environments.

fashion design by renaissance learning under renaissance group

Tourism & Hospitality

The Tourism and Hospitality course seeks to provide an overview of the industry with focus on the dependencies of the different sectors; F&B, Hotel Management, Beauty and Wellness, Retail on the Tourism Industry. Students will analyze case studies of the Singapore Tourism Board as a key driver of Singapore’s economy. Students will be exposed to the 5Ps which make up a service professional and Students will be given instances to understand the relevance, importance and effectiveness of the 5Ps through practical role play and on site exposure in their field trip.

With emphasis on inbound tourism, leveraging on good communication skills and the 5 Ps, students will learn the effectiveness of Professional attitude and quality service in presenting a practical tour itinerary documented by themselves. They will be exposed to the feedback mechanism of failure of delivery of the 5Ps and learn about how to acknowledge, listen and consequently offer compensation to meet customer’s satisfaction. Students will also have an understanding of the requirements of planning and constructing a relevant, practical, creative itinerary and apply theoretic knowledge of what they learned in class and these elements are vital to the success of a tour.