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Renaissance Learning stands by the values that Education is a lifelong experience and journey. Aside from delivering course specific content, it aims to inculcate important character building and life skills such as equipping students with essential problem-solving and critical thinking abilities. RL seeks to nurture students to become talented, successful and compassionate young adults when they graduate and enter the working society.


RL’s boasts experienced and well-qualified trainers and facilitators who are one hundred percent committed and dedicated to educate students with knowledge and technical skills set in specific industries.


The co-curricular courses offered by RL enables students to enhance and propel their learning in school with practical application across all main disciplines offered in tertiary education and beyond that to becoming useful and relevant individuals contributing to the workforce in the future.


RL recognizes that academic pursuits are not just a paper chase, excellence in learning stems from a holistic education where supplementary enrichment courses complement the fundamental formal education.


RL provides a holistic educational journey for students by offering a host of co-curricular enrichment courses as a supplement to students’ formal education.

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